GAA Funding

Winter 2019-2020$14,897.32·         Winter Game Supplies
  ·         Laser Grading of Softball Infield
  ·         Swim Team Pool Rental
  ·         indoor Track Entry Fees
  ·         Wrestling Entry Fees
  ·         Softball & Baseball Bases
Fall 2019$19,627.56·         Football Coaches Headset
  ·         Golf Bags
  ·         Football Helmets
  ·         Lacrosse Helmet Reconditioning
  ·         Hudl Video System (All Sports
  ·         Cross Country Entry Fees
  ·         Competition Cheer Music
  ·         Golf Course Usage Fee
Spring 2019$10,978.95·         Spring Game Supplies
(GAA Budget Fell Short Due to Decrease in Corporate Sponsorships) ·         Practice Goals for Lacrosse
  ·         Practice Goals for Soccer
  ·         State Tournament Travel
Winter 2018-19$15,000.00·         Winter Game Supplies
  ·         Laser Grading of Baseball Infield
  ·         Swim Team Pool Rental
  ·         Indoor Track Entry Fees
  ·         Washing Machine for Field House
  ·         Gym Carpets for Bench area (Basketball, Volleyball, & Wrestling)
  ·         State Tournament Travel
Fall 2018$20,000.00·         Cross Country Entry Fees
  ·         Fall Game Balls/Equipment
  ·         Hudl Video System (All Sports)
  ·         Competition Cheer Music
  ·         Weight Room Equipment
  ·         Sprigging of Back Practice Field (Field Hockey & Boys Lacrosse)
  ·         Golf Course Usage Fees
  ·         Regional/State Championship Awards (Boys Tennis & Track)